Virtual Office





  • It is advisable for all international structures to secure their "permanent establishment" for the purposes of the relevant Tax Treaty (in your case Cyprus - Russia Tax Treaty, as amended) as well as for the purposes of Article 5 of the OECD Model Treaty.
    Therefore, it is core to have a fixed place of business through which the business is wholly or partly carried on. In that respect, our firm can arrange for ready-to-go workspaces / offices with the widest possible range of support services available on demand and on a contract service basis, such as:
  •  Telephone line(s)
  •  Fax line(s)
  •  Variable bandwidht packages for internet connection
  •  Videoconferencing facilities
  •  Board / meeting rooms
  •  Server
  •  Secretarial services
  •  Facility management services
  •  Networking capabilities
  •  Provision of additional IT equipments
  • In addition, we can arrange for dedicated personnel for such offices, under one bill with all charges included.
    Depending on each specific requirement, we can either arrange for a private or a shared / open-plan workspace, with 24-hour secure access. In either case, it will be a fully-equipped, customizable office space with the latest technology, ready as soon as you are.
    Dedicated specialist support will be given, such as IT support. Depending on your needs, we can offer you to choose full or part-time space, on short or extended terms for as long as you need.

   Our products and services are based on reduced risk. Through a series of private consultations we will ascertain the best strategy for your particular circumstances and work with investment advisors, lawyers and other key professionals to provide the most appropriate international structure for your needs.