Accounting & Bookkeeping Services





Our Accounting and Bookkeeping services are individually tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We provide a full range of Accounting services both to local and international companies. Our experienced and qualified professionals aim to provide all the financial reports required to our clients to better understand the performance of their business.
Our Accounting services include amongst others:
  •  Bookkeeping , including daily reporting
  •  Preparation of management accounts - monthly, or as needed
  •  Invoice preparation and processing of payments
  •  Liaising with local auditors and arranging for audited financial statement
  •  Dormant companies - draft financial statements of ROC
  •  Compiling and submission of VAT returns
  •  Completing Intrastat forms
  •  Liaison with local VAT authorities
  •  Vies forms
  •  Establishing bank accounts
  •  Administration of fund transfers
  •  Assisting clients in their dealing with local banks
  •  Payroll and  Social Insurance
  •  Escrow services
  •  Other corporate and secretarial services
  •  Other periodic expenses 

The annual audited financial statements shall be performed by an independent and licensed audit firm. We can provide to our clients with a number of licensed audit firms we usually work with or our clients can indicate us the licensed audit firm of their choice. 

   Our products and services are based on reduced risk. Through a series of private consultations we will ascertain the best strategy for your particular circumstances and work with investment advisors, lawyers and other key professionals to provide the most appropriate international structure for your needs.